Loch Lloyd Community Association

The Village of Loch Lloyd, Missouri is a sub political division of the State of Missouri, incorporated in 2003. The Village is governed by a duly elected Board of Trustees in accordance with official ordinances. The Village Board carefully considers the rules of the four Homes Associations within its boundaries and strives to reflect those in Village Ordinances. Unlike other Cities, the Village is not responsible for road and utilities. Those services and their governance are the responsibility of the various Homes Association and the respective Public Water and Sewer District which are also sub political divisions in the State of Missouri. The Village controls land use, building permits, and code enforcement. The Village Board of Trustees meets at least twice a year, usually in January and July, and other times as needed. Meeting Notices are posted on the front door of the clubhouse at least 24 hours prior to meeting as required by Missouri Law.

Fivestar Lifestyles manages the Loch Lloyd Community Association (LLCA) for the benefit of Loch Lloyd (North) residents. The Developer owns and the Homes Association has responsibility for all of the common areas of the community. The common areas include: the berms along Loch Lloyd Parkway, all neighborhood entrances, islands, the gates, Security Center, security cameras, light poles and street trees. The Homes Association provides trash and recycling services; street snow removal; street and sidewalk maintenance; and Security services.

The Loch Lloyd Community Association is under the governance of the Norwest Cass County Water Resource District and the Mount Pleasant Fire District.

The Loch Lloyd Community Association prints and distributes an annual Resident Directory and sponsors various community events throughout the year.


The Loch Lloyd Community Association is managed by the Developer, Fivestar Lifestyles. The LLCA has a community representative to communicate the interests of the residents.

Please contact the following with questions or concerns:


Michelle Canales
(816) 892-3707

Community Representative

Doug Henley
(913) 530-3839

Community History

The Village of Loch Lloyd is Kansas City’s finest resort style community located in the south Kansas City metropolitan area in Cass County, Missouri. It is flanked by State Line/Kenneth Road to the west; Holmes Road to the east; 151st Street to the north; and 175th Street to the south.

Loch Lloyd is named for its’ original developer, Harry Lloyd, and an old-world Scottish influence which can be enjoyed throughout the community including architecture and street names.

Loch Lloyd and The Country Club at Loch Lloyd were acquired by FiveStar Lifestyles in 2002, and have continued the vision of this master planned community and expanded that vision to include the addition of the Tom Watson Signature Golf Course. Loch Lloyd also pays tribute to Tom Watson through the naming of streets that are significant to his legendary career.

The community is comprised of 1200 acres of land featuring wooded hills, sprawling valleys, and a mile-long lake. The Country Club at Loch Lloyd is a full-amenity club offering membership levels ranging from Dining to Golf—including two courses which weave through the community. The serene, natural settings includes almost 400 homes ranging from maintenance provided villas to substantial estates and features parks, walking trails and wildlife.

Design Review Committee


The Design Review Committee (DRC) reviews all house, site and drainage plans prior to start of construction and must approve all exterior materials, colors, landscaping, mailbox, satellite dish, yard items and any other exterior feature of the property. The DRC’s objective in reviewing site, building and landscape designs is to ensure that our community standards are consistently achieved and maintained.


“The Design Review Committee (DRC) shall be comprised of five individuals, all of whom need not be Members of the Association. One member of the DRC shall be a member of the Board of Directors of the Association and is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Association. One member shall be a representative of the Developer appointed by the Developer. All other members of the DRC shall be appointed by the Developer and shall be members of the professions involved in residential community design and development. At least one member shall be a registered architect and one other shall be a professional involved in the field of landscape architecture.”
-Loch Lloyd North Design Review Committee Guidelines 1.0 (August 2017)

Bill Prelogar-- Principal Architect NSPJ
Katie Martinovic—Landscape Architect NSPJ
Dale Brouk—President Loch Lloyd Community Association/Co-Manager LL North, LLC
Michelle Canales—Loch Lloyd Community Association Manager

Security Program

The FiveStar Lifestyles vision to provide a security presence to protect the Loch Lloyd Community and its resources with outstanding quality and service, enhancing its resort style community experience, and encouraging healthy lifestyles. The Security Programs focus is to serve, protect, aid, and secure private property.

The manned Security Center services our Loch Lloyd Community Association neighborhoods seven-days-a-week, twenty-four hours per day. Roving patrol of all LLCA areas enhance safety and all residential areas are protected by walls, fences and electronic gates providing a secure environment for residents.

Safety and Security Manager

Bob Macan
Bob has a long history of public safety service. He retired as Police Master Sargent from the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department after serving 27 years. He left his employment as Security Operations Manager for Kansas University Medical Center to join us at Loch Lloyd. He is married to his wife Laurie for 26 years and they have 2 sons.

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